# Heron theme tools

# Introduction

Heron theme tools is a powerful theme-switching plugin that you can use to add, copy, switch, and share themes in Figma. The plugin currently supports switching of color, text, and effect styles.

Watch the video tutorial:

# Usage

# Add themes

The first time you open the plugin, you will be asked to add a theme. You can add a local theme or a remote theme.

# Local themes

By adding styles in the current file as a local theme, you can switch styles in the current file. We can use folders in style naming to classify styles so that the plugin recognizes the categories and you can decide whether to split them into multiple themes. If split, then the local styles can be used as multiple themes.

# Remote themes

You can also add remote themes from other files, provided that the styles in that file have been published within the team. For example, if we have a file called remote theme with styles that has been published as a style library, we can add it as a remote theme by simply filling in the link to the file and adding it.

If it's the first time you're adding a remote theme, you'll need to authorize the connection to your Figma account.

When authorizing, you need to pay attention to whether the Figma account displayed has the permission of this file. For example, this file belongs to your company account, but the authorized account here is your personal account, which will cause fail to adding remote themes.

# Switch theme

Once you've added a theme, you can switch between them. When switching, you can check the color, text, effects, and the scope to switch, whether it's within the selected layers, the current page, or the entire file.

# Copy and sync themes

When we already have a set of themes, we can use this plugin to copy the styles within that theme, and then use those styles as another theme. When copying the style of a local theme, if the theme is unsplit, you need to fill in two theme prefixes, and the plugin automatically places the style in both directories.

If the copied theme is one of splited themes, you'll need to fill in a prefix, and the plugin will place the copied styles under that prefix.

Styles under the remote theme can also be copied, and you can choose which to copy and which not to copy.

Once the copy is complete, you can add the styles as a new theme and switch between them. If the name of a style under the original theme changes, it will be detected automatically when you click the Copy or Update icon in the plugin. You can synchronize the changed name with one click. In this way, we are able to keep style naming consistent between the two themes without the need for manual update maintenance.

# Manage themes

Heron theme tools plugin also supports changing theme names and deleting themes. You can use this to manage your themes.

# Share themes

Once you've added a theme, share it with others so they don't have to manually add it again.

If someone select the shared blue layer, a quick launch button will appear on the right. Click it to open the plugin and accept the shared themes.

# Mark as ignored

Finally, you can also mark some layers so that they are ignored when switching themes.